18 Jan

A Constructors Association is an organization made up of individual, independent contractors and workers in the construction industry who wish to work together towards a common purpose. This can be used for the purpose of organizing, promoting, and governing the various facets of the construction business. The primary duties of these associations are to represent the interests of the various groups within the construction business and also to create a harmonious working environment. You can see page for more details about this association.

They organize in group decisions regarding all matters under the construction industry such as working hours, working location, working equipment, and the like. If the union becomes the employers' association or the contractors' association, then it will become the supervisor and head of the work site. All other members of this association are his assistants or lieutenants. When there is a need for a decision to be made concerning any work issue, then the association holds a meeting and makes a report of the situation. They do not carry out the work themselves; rather they make reports from their meetings.  Find out more about this association by clicking here.

Each construction site has several members on the work roster of that particular job site, which include the foreman, assistant, electrician, plumber, etc. This is a very useful system as it brings down costs and reduces time spent driving around looking for people to work on a job site. In most cases, the association provides all the work to these individuals who belong to one of the many associations listed with them. Since the cost of fuel and the time consumed driving from one work site to another is much higher if there are multiple associates involved, the association greatly reduces these costs and time.

Each of the constructors has certain rights and privileges which are set down in their contract with the association. These rights and privileges are decided at the negotiating table when a work contract is signed. The workers are protected by the collective bargaining law which enables the association to set the rules and terms according to which the job will be carried out. There are a lot of construction companies that have tried to break this law and many have been slapped with fines for their illegalities. 

Many other companies that have tried to sidestep the law by not listing the workers as employees but as subcontractors have also been caught in the net of illegal practices. Therefore, it is very important that the association makes every worker associated with the company aware that they are bound by the collective bargaining law and all the benefits that go with it including any legal proceedings taken against them.
The constructors are subject to various health and safety regulations which must be adhered to by the associations. 

These regulations are for the protection of the workers at the workplace and the employer is obligated to provide decent and safe working conditions to all the workers. They are also protected from being forced to do dangerous work by other employees of the company. They can be fired and faced with legal action if they are found to be doing something that is against the interests of the association and the company as well. All the workers should be made aware that the association is willing to take legal action if the laws or regulations are being flouted by the construction company. In the case of accidents at the work place due to negligence on the part of the workers, the employers are liable to pay compensation for the medical expenses, pain and suffering as well as the losses suffered by the victim.

It is very important that the workers should engage in a friendly settlement with the association before going for the process of organizing the workers' unions. The employer should also be informed about the rights that the workers have under the contract so that he can make arrangements to ensure that the workers are able to protect their rights. There are various documents that need to be completed by both sides and it should be settled in an amicable manner. Once everything has been settled then a certificate of the workers' union should be given to the employee. This would certify that the agreement has been properly signed and all the rights that have been outlined under the contract have been fulfilled. To get more details about this topic, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_contractor.

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